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Japanese Carp Lace Curtains
Candace Wheeler Designs

Japanese Carp Lace Curtains

Our finest weave, this 14-point lace has exceptional delicacy in the weight of the fabric and in the design. The pattern is adapted from the Candace Wheeler printed fabric of the same motif, which comes to Burrows & Company from the archive of the Mark Twain Memorial in Hartford, Connecticut.

Available sizes:
Sold as individual panels, sizes show width x length.*

Lace Panels:
50 x 54" = $96
50 x 60" = $104
50 x 72" = $118
50 x 84" = $136
50 x 90" = $150

Shower Curtain:
72 x 72" = $154

Colors (product codes)
Ecru (LCE-115)
White (LCE-115)

Fabric Content: 95% cotton/5% polyester

*All sizes are approximate, with a 3% allowable variance.
There may be additional shrinkage after washing.


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